Female Composer’s Bullshit Bingo

Female Composer's Bullshit Bingo © Susanne Wosnitzka 2018
Female Composer’s Bullshit Bingo © Susanne Wosnitzka 2018

For some time now, I have been collecting original notes that I and other women encounter in our professional and everyday lives. Sometimes every day. Often always the same sayings. By always the same types of guys. A bit rarer but by women, too. These sayings testify to blatant misogyny, gyno-phobia, ignorance and a lack of empathy. And they are bullshit. Bingo!

We can do something against such hate speech: Education, education and education again and that from an early age. It is a problem when female composers (and also female conductors) are so disregarded that their works and they themselves hardly come into their own. „Female Composer’s Bullshit Bingo“ weiterlesen