Female Composer’s Bullshit Bingo

Female Composer's Bullshit Bingo © Susanne Wosnitzka 2018
Female Composer’s Bullshit Bingo © Susanne Wosnitzka 2018

For some time now, I have been collecting original notes that I and other women encounter in our professional and everyday lives. Sometimes every day. Often always the same sayings. By always the same types of guys. A bit rarer but by women, too. These sayings testify to blatant misogyny, gyno-phobia, ignorance and a lack of empathy. And they are bullshit. Bingo!

We can do something against such hate speech: Education, education and education again and that from an early age. It is a problem when female composers (and also female conductors) are so disregarded that their works and they themselves hardly come into their own.

Diversity? Equality? Bullshit! Bingo!

In the 2017/2018 season there were 444 opera performances in Germany, of which around 30 were world premieres (source: nzm, badblog, 2018, April 10th). Of these, in turn, there were 4 works by women – 4 out of 444. Recently, the BR (Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation) has proudly signed a ‘Diversity Charter’ – and in its new season program in “musica viva” there is not a single work by a woman. Nor will any performance be conducted by a woman. Is this what diversity looks like? For this unfair program we pay obligatory broadcasting fees? Of course, women pay the same broadcasting fee as men do. Equal rights for everybody, right?

Women composers can be enrolled in GEMA (German Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights), but if they are rarely or not at all performed, they will not receive any money. Women in this business are much more at risk of poverty than their male peers. So if you’re ready for this Bullshit Bingo, print it, take it to talk shows, join in the discussions, and get involved.

Obligate yourself to shout a particular codeword if you have made 5 fields diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Mostly BINGO! According to your circumstances you can shout out loud, “FUCK YOU!”, for example, for every hit field.

Let the games begin!

(bitter-sweet apostle)

Translation: Julia Schwartz. See here the German original.

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